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Explore everything from solo travel adventures, wildlife research projects, sustainability practices to diversity advocacy.

As a female, biologist, and citizen of this planet - I am dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles that preserve and protect this wild beautiful world.


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have taken me to some incredible places…



My journey began in a small rural Midwest town with big dreams of becoming a wildlife biologist exploring tropical rain forests. At the time it seemed unattainable as I had only experienced those far off places and careers in magazines and documentaries. Now I am fortunate to share all of my travels and research projects both within the United States and abroad. My nomadic life has taught me that each place has its own unique qualities, secrets, and intricacies. My personal goal is to encourage and create opportunities for women and underrepresented groups in the wildlife field to promote diversity in the science field.

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For the past six years I have participated in several research projects focused on how human activities including development, poaching, and climate change impact wildlife species. As humans we dominate most landscapes and unfortunately continue to decimate habitats and species without considering our impacts on the natural world. My career goal is to conduct research that helps to understand these impacts and developing sustainable practices that will preserve and protect this beautiful planet. We must change now before it is too late and the next generation is left without the wonders of the natural world.

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