Embrace the journey.


About Me


As a young female biologist and solo traveler, I wanted to start this website to not only follow my journey but to encourage others in all walks of life to participate in preserving this incredible wild world. Living a nomadic life, I have learned that each place has its own unique qualities, secrets, and intricacies.  As humans we are responsible to understand how we interact with the natural world around us and develop healthy sustainable ways to preserve and protect ecosystems. This blog is my way in spreading the research that incredible, inspiring people are doing out in the world!






 Both my personal and professional goals strive to create less impact on the natural world. By living a more sustainable life by eating responsibly to reducing the plastics I purchase helps promote a healthier existence for humans and wildlife. Taking small steps to achieve these goals is key in making long term habits. In terms of research, I plan to participate and conduct projects that try to understand how humans impact wildlife and the best ways to preserve and protect not only biodiversity but the livelihoods of people.    


Develop a graduate thesis that asks a question to understand how humans are impacting native amphibian and reptile populations. 


Learn to speak and read Spanish allowing me to connect with other cultures on a deeper level while traveling and collaborating on research projects abroad. 


Collaborate on conservation and education projects in Central America for a few years after graduate school. 


Create a foundation that facilitates educational opportunities in wildlife ecology for underrepresented groups both in the States and abroad.